The GripTil flooring system is a versatile plastic floor which, thanks to its high utility properties, is one of the modern modular floor systems with a wide application in the business and private sector. The wide range of applications is supported by the modular design of the system, quick and easy assembly and disassembly, the color range of modules and the material used. The system is very variable and can be installed almost anywhere. It can be used wherever an aesthetic surface with good utility properties at a reasonable price needed. At the same time, it can be used in areas where the installation of the floor is limited in time. The installed floor can be easily dismantled without tools and located in another place. Installation is very easy, it takes approximately 2 minutes to install a square meter, and it is just as easy to remove.

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GripTil Connector

GripTil Connector

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Individual elements of the GripTil floor system are connected each to other by plastic connectors, which are inserted from the underside…
How to install a plastic floor GripTil?

How to install a plastic floor GripTil?

Installation of the GripTil system is easy and can be done without any special tools. Individual segments are connected each to the other by plastic connectors, which are inserted from the underside. It is not necessary to put the connectors into all prepared holes. However, if the floor is extremely strained, connectors are applied to all slots. Connectors are included in the price of the segments.

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