Paving Support or terrace pads are intended for dry installation of concrete or ceramic slabs without the use of sand, gravel or other material. The pads are of different thicknesses and can be combined on top of each other so that it is possible to create a flat terrace on an uneven or sloped surface. Also, a regulated version is available. At the same time, the plastic protrusions keep a constant gap between the tiles, so that no additional spacers are required. The created surface of the terrace, balcony or pavement is separated from the base by an air gap, during rain the water flows through the spaces below the surface. In the empty space, weeds and grass do not grow. Under the surface it is also possible to realize the distribution of electricity, water, etc. The installation of the tiles is very simple and fast. Plastic targets are made of tough and durable plastics resistant to moisture, damage, and weathering.

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Pave Pad Fixed 126x10mm

Pave Pad Fixed 126x10mm

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Fixed Pave Pad of 126 mm diameter is available in 10 mm thicknesses. Paving Support or terrace pads are intended for dry installation of…

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