One-piece plastic handle for cardboard boxes serves as carrying handle for paper packaging of various products. The one-piece handle consists of only one piece which is fixed by turning and sliding the ends into the punched holes in the package. More

Product code: 223.0

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Clickable plastic clip used for mounting for the expandable washing powder strap 220.2 . It is injection molded - it fits nicely into the the hole in the strap to hold it to the box.

The strap is mounted to the sides of the of the box through two cricular holes - and blocked with these plastic clips.

It is delivered as a part of the set (a pair) with the expandable washing powder strap 220.2. It fits ideally into the hole at the end of the strap. To help you mount it we have designed a special tool 225.0 which helps protect workers hand while assembling the strap.

It is a patented solution.

Color WhiteNaturalBlack
Material Polypropylene
Dimensions 27mm

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