The rubber tile 500x500 mm is a basic segment of the GripMat flooring system. The tiles are made of rubber and are available in thicknesses from 10 to 50 mm, thicknesses up to 90 mm can be made on request. To cover one square meter, four tiles are needed. The product price varies depending on the thickness and is displayed when you select the requested thickness.

Product code: GD090-S-25

8,88 € incl. VAT
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Custom Production - Due to the large assortment of colors, types, and sizes, the product is not in stock, and the production is made according to the received order. Production and shipping time is 7-14 days.
Thickness Availability Price incl. VAT Quantity
GripMat Base Brown - Thickness: 25 mm 15 mm Custom Production 6,53 €
GripMat Base Brown - Thickness: 25 mm 20 mm Custom Production 7,71 €
GripMat Base Brown - Thickness: 25 mm 25 mm Custom Production 8,88 €
GripMat Base Brown - Thickness: 25 mm 30 mm Custom Production 10,04 €
GripMat Base Brown - Thickness: 25 mm 35 mm Custom Production 11,22 €
GripMat Base Brown - Thickness: 25 mm 40 mm Custom Production 12,38 €
GripMat Base Brown - Thickness: 25 mm 45 mm Custom Production 13,54 €

System description

The 500x500 mm rubber tile is a basic element of the GripMat flooring system. The tiles are produced in thicknesses from 10 to 50 mm, thicknesses up to 90 mm can be made on agreement. The surface of the tile is flat, non-slip, the lower side is flat for smaller thicknesses and profiled for larger ones.

Rubber flooring has a wide range of applications. GripMat rubber tiles can be used to create a flexible surface in different colors. It is suitable for various sports fields, playgrounds, terraces, pergolas, and other functional areas. It has anti-slip properties, absorbs shocks and protects people and objects when falling. The surface permits water so that no puddles stay on the surface. The wide range of applications is supported by the modular design of the system, quick and easy installation, the color range of elements, different thickness, and material used. The system is variable and can be installed almost anywhere. It can be used where it is necessary to create a resilient and durable surface with good utility properties at a reasonable price. Installation is very easy and the base can be any hard surface, gravel, clay or lawn. If the surface is irregular in size, the necessary shapes are simply cut.

Thickness selection - drop height

Fall protection is a very important feature for rubber floors. For this purpose, the recommended thickness of the rubber tiles is determined by the height of the possible fall. As an example, there is a playground where 30 mm thick tiles will suffice for the underside of the slide, but at least 50 mm will be needed under a swing, where children can fall from a greater height.


  • modular system of 500x500 mm base plates
  • selectable thickness from 10 to 90 mm
  • pin couplers for easy connection and disassembly
  • the base material and pigments contain no toxic substances
  • resistance to most chemicals, oils, paints, acids, solvents
  • long-term UV resistance
  • shape stability and resistance in the temperature range from -40 to + 60 ° C
  • vibration-damping, anti-slip and anti-noise properties

The top surface of the tile is flat with a non-slip structure and with slightly beveled edges. The underside of the tile is in several designs, for smaller thicknesses, it is flat, for larger thicknesses it is lightened by grooves or it is formed by hemispherical protrusions. Such a profiled underside eliminates the unevenness of the base and therefore it is possible to lay the rubber tiles on uneven surfaces, clay, gravel or similar types of substrate.

System installation

Installation is very easy and quick, square tiles are placed side by side and can be joined by wooden or plastic pins on the side if necessary. The base for the rubber floor may be any harder surface (concrete, clay, lawn) or a sprinkled stone substrate. Sand is unsuitable as a base because it is washed away with water during rain and tiles may become unstable.

If the shape is irregular in size, the tiles are simply cut into the required shape. It is also possible to carve various inscriptions and shapes in color combinations into the tiles. These requirements are solved individually according to the customer's requirements.

Color Brown
Material SBR rubber compound
Dimensions 500 x 500 mm
Thickness 10 - 90 mm

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