The GripFlex Plate 320x320x7mm is the basic module of the plastic flooring system. The surface of the type GripFlex Soft is slightly roughened, the bottom side is perforated. The GripFlex floor is made of flexible and durable PVC, approximately 10 pieces are required to cover an area of 1 square meter. More

Product code: FD010-S

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Product Description

The floor plate 320x320x7mm is the basic segment of the GripFlex plastic flooring system. The surface of tile type Soft is slightly roughened and its basic properties include vibration-damping, anti-slip and anti-noise properties. Approximately 10 GripFlex segments are required to cover 1 square meter.

Thanks to the modular design of the system and the excellent mechanical and physical properties of the material, the application possibilities of the GripFlex floor are very extensive. Useful features are also supported by quick and easy assembly and disassembly and color range. The system is very variable and can be installed almost everywhere where it is necessary to create an aesthetic surface with good utility properties at a reasonable price. At the same time, this floor system can be used on premises where the use is limited in time. The installed floor can be easily dismounted without tools and placed in another space.

Plastic boards are resistant to most chemicals, oils, paints, solvent, and acids. GripFlex plastic flooring is made of flexible and durable PVC, the recommended temperature range is -40 to +60 ° C.


  • a modular system of plastic plates of basic dimensions 320x320x7mm
  • overlapped locks to create a surface without visible joints
  • the base material and pigments contain no toxic substances
  • resistance to most chemicals, oils, paints, acids, solvents
  • UV resistance
  • temperature range from -40 to + 60 ° C
  • vibration damping, thermal insulation, anti-slip and anti-noise properties
  • easy cleaning in all ways - pressure, chemical, vacuum, wipe
  • multi-use plastic floor covering of durable properties
  • basic colors - black, red, green, blue, yellow, gray

Installing the System

Installation and dismounting are very easy, segments are placed side by side with locks covered. The joint is knocked with a rubber mallet. The floor can only be laid, if necessary glued to the base and to each other. If the space is irregular in size, the required shapes are simply cut with a knife or saw.

When installing the floor on areas with temperature fluctuations, it is necessary to take into account the expansion of the material in the values of approx. 1-2 mm / 1m and to maintain expansion gaps around the surface.

Color Black
Weight 990 g
Material PVC
Dimensions 320 x 320 x 7 mm

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