Our floor has found use in the bike shop Sacha Sport . A plastic floor has been laid in the service areas, which improves both aesthetic and functional properties. The mechanic moves on a dust-free, clean and warm surface. Wheel parts or tools will not be damaged if they fall on the plastic floor. If the floor is damaged at any point, only the damaged segment can be replaced thanks to the modular construction.

Own Production

Most plastic products come from our own production. This allows us full control of delivery times, product quality and sale price.

Customer Support

We provide our customers with full support not only in selecting the right product but also during its use or eventual installation.

Orders Installation

In agreement with the client, we also realize the installation on site. This service is particularly useful for plastic flooring systems.

Products Renting

Some products can be also rented. These include giant games or floor systems for exhibitions, presentations, sports events, etc.