Plastic floor systems have a wide range of applications and people often find their way of use. In this case, it is a home plastic basketball court. On the space next to the house, the owner built a basketball hoop and covered the concrete surface with a GripTil plastic floor.

Installation was quick and easy and the result is a nice and functional playground with a plastic surface. Such a sports playground offers increased protection during the movement on the elastic surface. The playground is non-slip, thanks to the holes it is permanently clean and dust-free, it is possible to play immediately after the rain because the water flows under the surface and does not form puddles. The material is maintenance-free and weather-resistant.

Own Production

Most plastic products come from our own production. This allows us full control of delivery times, product quality and sale price.

Customer Support

We provide our customers with full support not only in selecting the right product but also during its use or eventual installation.

Orders Installation

In agreement with the client, we also realize the installation on site. This service is particularly useful for plastic flooring systems.

Products Renting

Some products can be also rented. These include giant games or floor systems for exhibitions, presentations, sports events, etc.