Floor systems in our offer are made of polypropylene, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride or rubber.

Polypropylene and polyethylene are used, for example, to make a plastic floor GripTil or GripSport. Both materials are durable and lightweight. When stabilized, it also withstands weathering. They can, therefore, be used indoors and outdoors. Most of these tiles are perforated to quickly drain the surface and prevent puddles. These systems consist of segments that simply and quickly connect and disconnect. This makes the floor easy to install, but also disassemble if necessary and used elsewhere. A damaged segment is simply replaced. The main fields of application include the creation of plastic surfaces in all areas of the industrial and private sectors. We can name areas like sports surfaces, terraces, balconies, access ramps, flat roofs or outdoor swimming pools. Indoor use includes garages, exhibition areas, warehouses, work areas, swimming pools and saunas, cleaning mats, shower enclosures, and more.

Polyvinyl chloride known more like PVC is a very durable and tough material. It is used for the production of the flooring system GripFlex. This type of floor is without holes but can have a variety of surface types - fine roughening, orange peel, corrugated steel imitation, circular protrusions or other that meet the required characteristics. The segments can be tightly connected to create a continuous surface without gaps and joints and can be glued to the substrate if necessary. The floor is composed of tiles that can be simply joined and uncoupled so that a damaged part can be easily replaced. If necessary, the floor can be dismantled and used elsewhere if it is not glued. The main applications include a fitness center and gym surfaces, garages, terraces, sales and storage areas, work desks, corridors, and corridors, or giant games playboards.

For rubber flooring GripMat type is the raw material SBR rubber compound, which is thermoformed into the necessary shapes. Due to the basic properties of rubber, these floors are flexible and their advantage is the protection of persons and objects in the event of a fall. Rubber tiles are available in different thicknesses and are usually chosen according to the theoretical fall height. They can have a square or rectangular shape, or locks in the shape of a puzzle. Another advantage is the high resistance of the rubber surface, which can withstand very rough handling. Rubber flooring has a wide range of applications. From the SBR tiles, it is possible to create a flexible surface in various colors suitable for various sports fields, playgrounds, terraces, pergolas, and other functional areas. A wide range of applications supports modular system design, quick and easy installation.

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Own Production

Most plastic products come from our own production. This allows us full control of delivery times, product quality and sale price.

Customer Support

We provide our customers with full support not only in selecting the right product but also during its use or eventual installation.

Orders Installation

In agreement with the client, we also realize the installation on site. This service is particularly useful for plastic flooring systems.

Products Renting

Some products can be also rented. These include giant games or floor systems for exhibitions, presentations, sports events, etc.